Welcome to Bradburn Residential Owners Association.

A community of 427 new urbanist Single Family homes, Townhomes and Live/Work lofts. New urbanism is a neighborhood design movement that started in the 1980s which seeks to bring back mixed-use, pedestrian oriented neighborhood design. In new urbanist communities, the design focus is on people, not cars. Garages are in the back of homes, so their large blank doors don’t dominate the street, instead, each home has a porch, which encourages people to interact with their neighbors.

Bradburn has an excellent location: 15-20 minutes to downtown Denver, 15-20 minutes to Boulder. Bradburn also borders the Dry Creek Open Space, which has an extensive trail system and provides excellent opportunities for running, biking, or just strolling. Bradburn, like all true new urbanist developments, is mixed-use, meaning there are residences, offices, and retail stores all in the same development. This is vastly different from traditional subdivisions which consist of only housing and require a car trip for even the smallest need. Everything you need is within walking distance from shops, grocery stores, to great restaurants & bars. Bradburn is truly a special place to live.